Saturday, September 3, 2016

H1K1 is a New Blog with Ramblings & Grumblings Much to Do About Nothing...

Yes, that’s all I could think of just about now when I’m expected to open up my brand new blog on my newly purchased domain name which I purchased just yesterday.

This is the part when I always hope to pull the reader in with some clever wordage on the topic of the post but that just it… …buying this domain name yesterday name was kind-of an impulse purchase.

Yesterday I ran across an ultra good deal of only a dollar ($1) for any available .com domain of my choice and this domain is what I ended up with (though I do have to say that I’m not the least bit regretful about making the purchase)

You see over the years I had concentrated on buying keyword rich topic specific domain names and when buying them ‘second hand’ so-to-speak then I always gravitated towards the ones that came with a decent Google pagerank and hopefully a good number of backlinks.

When searching for expired and deleted (available) domain names then I go to a site that keeps a huge list of these domain names that are updated throughout the day while also being searchable by a number of very helpful factors one of which used to be Google pagerank (that is until a few months ago when Google decided to pull the rug out from all of us many web developers who relied heavily on pagerank to quickly assess the worth of a domain when you don’t have a bunch of time and resources to do research on what you;re buying.

Anyways, since the option of sorting by pagerank wasn’t available to me this time the I decided I’d try to fulfill a wish of mine to one day own one heck of a shot domain name – and there was sitting there on that list (yes you can also sort by domain length) – the domain spoke to me and BOOM I bought it.

But now that I own a domain named then what do I do with it (scratches head)  The name doesn’t automatically bring anything to mind topic-wise.  Hmm, so here I am trying to make a go at a blog that I describe as “Ramblings & Grumblings Much to Do About Nothing...”

Look forward to part two of this story in which I tell you about my curiosity on the origin of this domain name and my lack of understanding on what the obvious significance of the term “H1K1” that I’m now discovering…